Constantly innovating and updating

I've been a customer for a very long time, from a start in a small, very newly formed rural community in Arizona to a larger metro community with a high concentration of class A space and now for the third time, in Sacramento, where we're using the entire suite of GIS Planning tools. ZoomProspector has really been a tool that I've had access to almost my entire career and they've consistently been innovating and updating it. The GIS Planning team is always been open to new ideas and innovation and new ways to utilize the tool. 

We asked if we could add a new tab for co-working sites and GIS Planning said yes

One example is that we asked if we could add a tab for searching co-working sites because no one else was doing that. How else can you find a place where you can identify locations in a region where there's a single desk opportunity or a single office space? So they agreed to add it. It was a simple customization that came from a phone call talking to some of the GIS Planning team and saying we have a specific need - what do you think? I'm hoping that that also leads to other communities taking advantage of ideas like that as well.

Brokers shocked and surprised by the accessible data

One of our opportunities in getting in front of our brokers more and educating them. We do presentations whenever we can and speak to their entire sales groups and different focus areas. These presentations always end in them being actually really surprised and shocked at that type of data is so accessible and available. They have a million questions and really want to dig into it. They are absolutely using the GIS Planning tools. The tools also helps them understand how we are site agnostic but regionally promotional for the communities so it's been really exciting and it's opened the door for more conversation on how brokers and economic developers can interact for mutual benefit. 

Working with local communities

What's really exciting is we have data that's uploaded through a partnership with Real Massive so that we have as many listings as possible. We're also working with our local communities to add in properties that cities and counties are trying to RFP and generate community interest. So we have several on there that are featured that have been loaded in by the cities themselves. Then we help them market those RFP opportunities so you have several cities in our region that are working on redevelopment projects and reinvestment areas and we are helping them generate much more developer and broker interest.

I'm very excited in particular about the ability to put together proposals online and submit those to clients, especially as a regional entity where we're putting all of that together for 20 participant communities. It allow us to line up templates and prepare for what we think a client is going to be looking for, and catalogue different information, such as brochure pieces and additional material.

User-friendly mobile interface

It’s easy to research or prepare a business case when someone comes to us for information. What's wonderful is the online mobile interface is extremely user friendly and has all the features and reports, so I could go on there and find a property or submit it and send it to someone. I can run a quick report if I’m sitting in a meeting. If there’s a question about demographics or nearby businesses or drive time radius, I can pull that immediately and not have to skip a beat.

Impeccable and exceptional customer service

GIS Planning staff people able to kind of solve any issues that come up. I have to say that the customer service is impeccable and exceptional. They always check in to make sure that not only do we understand how to use the tool but are we keeping abreast of the latest updates? Are we using the top functionality and really enjoying the robustness of what's being delivered to us? I think they understand very well that clients that are using the full capacity of the tool are going to see more benefits. They’re exceptional in ensuring that we get that service and support.