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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

10:30 am

5 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Economic Development Website

What's the point of a great economic development website and powerful GIS data tool if no one visits?

5 Ways to use Online Data Tools for Place Marketing

What's the content?

Cut through the marketing clutter with innovative practical uses of your free or paid sources of community data. Marketers often focus on branding and advertising, but overlook the many ways to attract attention from businesses making location decisions with Information about your regional demographics, labor force, consumer spending, GIS and business. Alissa Sklar, Ph.D., offers strategic advice you can begin using right away.

What's will I learn?

*Discover a variety of free and paid sources of robust, up-to-date data.
*Increase traffic with meaningful, quality content
*Mine data sources for a steady stream of fresh, interesting and relevant content for your social media accounts, blog and/or newsletter
*Offer traffic-boosting publicity to local brokers and businesses
*Keep stakeholders and local media informed about key data points about your community.

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