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Your powerful data web tools can turbocharge your place marketing. These videos will show you how make the most of them on your website, to get noticed at trade shows, on social media, in e-newsletters, and more.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

10:30 am

5 Strategies for Using Interactive Data Tools on Your Economic Development Website

Incorporating interactive data tools on your economic development website is a critical way to engage investors who research locations online before t

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Place Marketing

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Economic Development Marketing but Were Afraid to Ask

Top off your place marketing skills with this practical look at social media, site selection data, analytics and more.
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Place Marketing

2020 Foresight: 10 Key Trends for Economic Development Websites

What are the top ED website trends in 2020? Will your organization be up to date or will you fall behind?
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Place Marketing

Turn your e-newsletter into a place marketing powerhouse

Is your EDO e-newsletter a little on the - um - boring side? Are your open rates flat? Your click rates through the floor? It's time for a change.
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Place Marketing

5 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Economic Development Website

This free 30-minute webinar will outline 5 specific ways to draw more qualified attention to your website tools and content.
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Place Marketing

Practical LinkedIn Strategies for Economic Development

We review specific strategies economic developers can use for investment attraction and place marketing.
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Place Marketing

5 Ways to use Online Data Tools for Place Marketing

Cut through the marketing clutter with innovative practical uses of your free or paid sources of community data.
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Place Marketing

5 Strategies to drive traffic to your economic development website

A national investment promotion website should be able to offer a way to analyze key data points for businesses looking to find their ideal location
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