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Article offers insight into site selection process


When Henrico County, VA launched HenricoProperties,com, their ZoomProspector Enterprise GIS tool, Henrico News interviewed national site selector, Alex Metzger, president and co-founder of Next Move Group.

In the article, Metzger explained how central data is to the site selection process: "Demographic data is very important when we go through our initial search process," says Metzger. "The first thing we look at is labor shed and workforce information. The easier we can access this info, the better. With today's technology, we often know if a community will work or not for a client before we ever reach out to the community."

Two of the eight communities had ZoomProspector software on their websites, which was a lifesaver. All the data we needed was one click away and instantly accessible. The other communities required a week of back-and-forth with the local ED organizations. They were very helpful in getting us the information we needed, but it was nothing compared to the instant information provided by GIS and the ZoomProspector software.

Alex Metzger, president and co-founder of Next Move Group

Parsing data on localities and properties used to be a time-consuming process for site selectors - but ensures Henrico County is open for business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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