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Indy attracts medical complex, 70 jobs


1) Attraction and development of $15 million Shadeland Medical Plaza creating 70 new jobs.
2) In the first year. the website experienced 86,218 unique visitors.
3) The new website provides information in 99% fewer hours of labor than a manual process, and turnaround time for information delivery is 99% less.
4) The website has generated $10.3 million dollars in value and $102 return on every $1 invested in the first year.

To my surprise I immediately found what I was looking for. I quickly narrowed my site search. This made my next trip to Indy extremely productive and the information paved the way for drafting a business plan (again using this website) that will see the redevelopment of an older decaying property and will see the creation of at least three new businesses, two of which will be medically-related and which will create over 70 new jobs in the city. The three-building Shadeland Medical Plaza, a $15 million new medical complex, has started site work and we expect to break ground on the construction of the buildings next month. Your internet service simplified our research, saved us time and money and provided a cross-connected data base in one location that was easy to access even from far away.

Joseph M. Cross, General Manager, Shadeland Universal Medicine, LLC

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